About me

I’m a friendly and approachable character, with a drive to help others and keep up with the latest digital technologies and advancements. I work predominantly in Golang. I have strong networking and communication skills, with a natural ability to solve problems. Alongside this, I am a Computer Hardware Technician, with strong ties to the music industry, currently exploring ways of embedding this into my programming and development.

Outside of work, I play some guitar, but considerably better on Electric bass. I’m a mountain biker, so most weekends I’m riding out in the forests. I play D&D, love Motorsport and have an uncanny ability to “ruin” songs… mostly by intentionally miss-quoting them.


  • Making Music [producer, musician, engineer]
  • Getting on my Bike [off road wherever possible]
  • Playing Games [mostly adventure & racing, both arcade and sim]

Interesting Things

  • I enjoy my profession
  • I fix more things than I break


During my time playing with various bands, I’ve had the privilege to share stages with the likes of:

  • Status Quo
  • Quireboys
  • Deborah Bonham
  • Reef

Recorded artists & been Recorded in many studios from the likes of:

  • Sawmills
  • Cube Recording
  • “The Van”